Gomigo automatically schedules hangouts by comparing friends' calendars and interests.

Want an easy way to plan fun hangouts with friends you haven't seen recently?

Gomigo initiates

Gomigo sends invitations automatically when enough group members are available at the same time.

No more

Gomigo figures out the best time and activity based on group members' schedules, social preferences, and activities they have liked.

Virtual and socially-distanced events

Watch shows together, play games, tune in to music festivals, or have a guided experience hosted by an expert.
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Do fun things with your favorite people.

Gomigo fills the gaps
in your social calendar.

Using Gomigo is easy.

1. Create groups

Create groups for friends, family and more.

2. Like activities

Pick activities you'd like to do some day.

3. Set your schedule

Say when you're available.

4. Gomigo generates plans

Gomigo makes plans that make everyone happy.
Because nobody's going to
look back on their life and think,
If only I had
watched more Netflix.

Have more fun.

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